Why Dubai? 6 Reasons to Choose Dubai as your Career Destination

13 May 2019

Why Dubai? 6 Reasons to Choose Dubai as your Career Destination

Every year scores of people from across the globe flock to Dubai in search of employment. Ever wondered why? What does Dubai have that attracts people across all age groups, genders and skill sets to come here in search of jobs in Dubai?

We have demystified the allure of jobs vacancies in Dubai & UAE for you. Here are the top 6 reasons why people choose Dubai as their career destination:

1. Numerous Job Opportunities

The UAE economy has been on a growing trajectory for some time now leading to the commencement and expansion of businesses in the country.

As a result, there is a great demand for skilled as well as qualified manpower across sectors. This makes finding a job easy in Dubai compared to other parts of the world.

2. Attractive Salaries

The average salaries in Dubai are much higher than other developing countries like India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

As a matter of fact, this is the primary reason as to why people decide to migrate to Dubai. From migrant labourers to white-collar employees, everyone enjoys a better salary package in Dubai.

3. No Income Tax

Unlike most countries across the world, the Dubai government does not levy income tax over the personal incomes of its residents.

This is a welcome change for most expats who were used to paying nearly 30 percent of their salary as income tax in their home countries.

This helps people save more money from their salary and invest it or send it back home to their dependents.

4. Extravagant Lifestyle

Want to live the high life? Move to Dubai! From the best cars to the finest clubs, malls and homes, Dubai offers the best when it comes to luxury. If glitz and glamour attract you, finding a job in Dubai is a great idea.

HR consultancy services in Dubai can help you find jobs in the booming leisure and entertainment sector that will fuel your passion for all things over the top.

5. A Safe Place to Live

According to the global business consulting giant Mercer, Dubai is ranked as number 40 globally on the safety parameter. Especially for women, Dubai offers safe living and working conditions, a vigilant police force and low crime rates.

Expat professionals can walk around the city at any time day or night and also move their families here and live without fear in Dubai.

6. English is a Predominantly Used Language

English is the main language used in the corporate world in Dubai. While knowing Arabic is a great advantage and can also fetch you a better salary package, most employees manage just as well knowing only English. In fact, well-spoken employees are in high demand here.

These are the main reasons that draw professionals to Dubai. Are you looking for a well-paying job in Dubai? Greenland Human Resource Consultancy is well known in the recruitment field for timely positioning relevant job vacancies in Dubai. Reach out to us today and let us find you a great job in Dubai.

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